About Us


Our Mission
To inspire young women to be all versions of themselves, allowing their inner beauty to radiate around them. We strive for our clothing to allow these personalities to shine through and ensure that our customers feel not only comfortable, but confident in their own skin. 
Our Story 
Growing up in a family of empowering females, there were plenty of personalities blending over the years. One thing that never seemed to falter was our love for fashion and desire to play dress up every chance we could get. Shopping was more than a chance to buy new clothes, it was a time that we were able to spend together and bond over the pieces we shared.
As the world shifted from all day mall trips to a million tabs open with full carts on our laptops, our bonding went from laughing too loud in dressing rooms to blowing up the family group chat; texting the links of all options for our upcoming Christmas outfits
During the pandemic, like most people, we had way too much time on our hands. Having recently graduated and feeling sort of stuck, we took a deep dive into ourselves and unleashed our long overdue dream to start an online clothing business. Fast forward through the late night Facetimes and sorting through all the semantics - our dream became a reality with Mud and Honey.
Now, more than ever, the fashion industry is evolving and relevant like never before. We hope that Mud and Honey becomes part of the conversation by inspiring you to show who you really are through fashion. Whether that is more ‘Mud’ (edgy & grunge) or ‘Honey’ (dainty & girly), or some days maybe BOTH, we want our pieces to tell the world who you are, But more importantly, we want Mud and Honey to be a place where YOUR love for fashion buds the way ours did.


We want you...

to be with us every step of the way. This is a new journey for us all and we are so excited to grow with you by our sides. Please do not hesitate to contact us at info@mudandhoney.com with any feedback, comments, or stories of your own! We cannot thank you enough for your support! Happy shopping honeys! 

Thanks for your support!  Happy shopping!