About Us


Our Mission
To sell good quality, trendy clothing at an affordable price.
Our Story 

Being from a family of all girls, our favorite thing to do when spending time together has always been shopping. Every holiday or special event was not only an excuse for us to go shopping, but more importantly to bond.

Over the years as online shopping became easier, our bonding went from dressing rooms to family group chats; texting the links of our upcoming Christmas outfits.

Over the last couple of months, just like the rest of the world, we have spent a lot of time at home. This led to a lot of self reflection and helped us realize our dreams; opening an online clothing store being one of them. Being that we all share an entrepreneurial mindset, we decided to see through our dream in Mud and Honey.

Now more than ever, accessibility is crucial for everyone. We hope Mud & Honey provides those “to die for” trendy fits at an affordable price point.

 We want to hear from you!     

We'd love to get your feedback and thoughts about our new online boutique.  Feel free to contact us at info@mudandhoney.com

Thanks for your support!  Happy shopping!